Stainless Steel Storm Screens for all types of window shapes:

With TSS Storm Screens, your home will be protected from outside threats including Hurricanes, Intruders, and Hail. You can be confident your home is secure 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Stainless steel screens are aesthetically subtle compared to window security bars, steel security doors, or thick glass security windows. Stainless steel storm screens also allow light breezes to pass through like a regular screen. However, unlike a regular screen, TSS Storm screens meet the large missile impact test for Category 5 hurricanes.

Smarter choice for window protection than Impact Glass.  Ask us why!

The subtle steel mesh frame is customized to match the character of your home, architectural design, and aesthetic curves. Security bars may keep people out, but they also keep people trapped inside. In contrast, the optional egress frame comes with a panic bar that allows occupants to escape in case of an emergency or to clean the window glass.

  • Hurricane-approved protection
  • Hail Proof Window Protection
  • Prevents burglary and intruders
  • Slightly darker than a regular bug screen
  • Cannot be cut with razor or crowbar
  • Allows light and air into the home
  • Custom made to fit your home
  • Interior panic bar for opening screens from inside