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Flood Barrier

TSS is the US fabricator for Flood Ark Flood Barriers. Designed and engineered in the UK and Made in the USA, Flood Ark Flood barriers protect homes, businesses, and public facilities from the catastrophic damage caused in flood water instances. Contact TSS to learn more about the advantages of our Flood Barriers and what State and FEMA programs are available for assistance.

Flood Ark USA flood barriers are custom fabricated for each opening based on the water protection level as well as the existing construction of the opening. The aluminum frames that remain in place on the structure are custom fabricated to seal framework. The individual lightweight planks are cut to size to fit the frame for ease of use, easy storage, and consistent reusability. These custom flood barrier systems are engineered, tested and certified to prevent water intrusion. Contact us with information on your specific needs and we will engineer a solution for you that will prevent the costly and inconvenient damage that unexpected water damage causes. Over 7,000 homes and businesses protected by Flood Ark Barriers!

Our flood barriers are designed for quick and easy deployment:

  • Lightweight by design yet extremely strong
  • Requires no tools for assembly
  • Deployed in a matter of minutes.
  • Aesthetically pleasing while protecting property

Flood Ark protection systems are suitable for building openings, doors, patio doors, windows, garages and gateways. The Flood Ark barrier can be installed in residential properties, commercial buildings and retails centers, and public buildings. The aluminium barrier frame along with the specially developed closed cell PVC foam gasket ensures a watertight seal to almost any surface, even rough or damaged brickwork. The seals are also impervious to weathering, including salt water, and ultra-violet rays. Flood Ark’s powder-coated frames are aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive and non-corrosive. The lightweight, yet extremely strong uPVC extruded boards which are attached manually to the frame to create the watertight barrier are reusable, require no tools, so are easy for people of all abilities to assemble and dismantle. Each board is only 7 3/4″ in height, and may be added or removed one at a time as flood water rises or recedes; giving maximum protection and accessibility to your property.

Click on images below showing actual Flood Barrier solutions:

Convenient Storage Solutions
To achieve optimal performance from your removable flood barriers, store them correctly when not in use. Our wall-mounted racks can be installed in a garage or outbuilding so that you can store your flood boards where they will not be an obstruction. Alternatively, for larger properties and commercial premises, we can also install a choice of custom fabricated storage containers, racks, and sheds.

Case Study:

New York, United States

In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. At its peak, Sandy measured 1,800km across and was the largest hurricane to have ever formed in the Atlantic Ocean. It caused devastation across the Caribbean, made landfall in New Jersey and went on to cause varying degrees of damage from the Florida Keys to New England.

The associated storm surge went on to cause major flooding of buildings and subways in New York, with estimates putting the damaged caused at around $75bn. One of the businesses to experience flooding as a result of Hurricane Sandy was Architectural Grille – an engineering business based in Brooklyn, New York.

Architectural Grille specializes in ornamental and perforated grilles. Vice Presidents of the family-run business, Anthony Jr and Stephen Giumenta, had never experienced any flooding at their Brooklyn factory. However, Hurricane Sandy brought winds of up to 160kmph and widespread flooding to the region. Subsequently, Architectural Grille’s factory was severely affected by those floodwaters – damage was caused to the building, while the engineering plant and equipment were wrecked. This included a precision CNC laser and valuable water-jet machines. The total cost of the damage for the Giumenta family was in excess of a million dollars.

Anthony Jr explained to us how surprised they were to have been flooded:

“We didn’t expect the storm to hit, they mostly head out to the Atlantic by the time they reach us. Our insurance paid out $230,000 for the damage to the buildings, but we had no specific flood risk insurance for the equipment.”

Following the flood, Anthony and Stephen considered selling up and relocating the business. However, they realised that with the building now prone to flooding and insurance premiums likely to put off any would-be-buyers, it would be difficult to sell the premises. Therefore, they began to look into flood barriers that could protect them from future events. In the fall of 2013, Flood Ark approached the Giumenta family and showed them Flood Ark barriers for the first time. Anthony Jr immediately saw their potential.

“We could see Flood Ark was the solution to our problems. We could not afford to take the risk of being flooded again.”

Flood Ark installed 12 barriers throughout the perimeter of the facility

Video of International Certification Testing:

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