Aransas Pass is a city located in three counties: Aransas, Nueces, and San Patricio Counties in the state of Texas. The population was 9,005 at the 2016 Census Estimate. Aransas Pass is located on the shore of Redfish Bay, a tidal water body between Corpus Christi Bay to the south and Aransas Bay to the north. The city limits of Aransas Pass encompass most of Redfish Bay and its islands, most of which are in Nueces County, as well a portion of Aransas Bay in Aransas County. The city is on the mainland of Texas and is connected to Mustang Island (which contains the city of Port Aransas) via a 6-mile long causeway.*

Aransas Pass What’s Interesting

Aransas Pass is a destination for water sports, fishing, birding, kayaking, and hunting. The city is home to Conn Brown Harbor and the largest hummingbird garden in Texas. Events such as the Shrimporee, a three-day event, held in June, the Maybe Hot Maybe Not bike ride in November, and the Holiday Craft Show in December, as well as bay fishing on the Gulf Coast, keep visitors coming back to Aransas Pass.

Aransas Pass Weather

Hurricane Harvey Texas Major Storm Rolling Shutters Protection In Aransas Pass, the summers are hot, humid and unforgiving; the winters, on the other hand, are short, cool, and windy; also, Aransas Pass is partly cloudy year round. The temperature typically varies from 50°F to 92°F and is rarely below 37°F or above 95°F.

On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall near the nearby city of Rockport as a dangerous Category 4 storm. The storm caused significant damage to homes and commercial buildings. Every structure needs Rolling Hurricane Shutters for extreme storm and security protection.

Here are our recommended storm shutters for Aransas Pass residents.

Aransas Pass Rolling Shutters

  • Protects against extreme weather
  • Hurricane-approved
  • Easy to use – remote and manual
  • Protects against strong winds
  • Even 200+ miles an hour
  • Energy savings
  • Helps protect against extreme temperature

Rolling Shutters

Aransas Pass Accordion Shutters

  • Great storm protection
  • Hurricane-approved metal shutters
  • For Gulf Coast Corpus Christi, Rockport
  • Able to cover large areas
  • Ideal for windows and balconies
  • Clear views
  • Interlocking system fold shutters away
  • Perfect for curved areas – follows radius

Accordion Shutters

Aransas Pass Bahama Shutters

  • Powerful storm protection
  • Hurricane-approved
  • Provide privacy / shade – even when closed
  • Easy to operate from inside or outside
  • Energy savings – protects against extreme temperature whether cold or hot

Bahama Shutters

Aransas Pass Steel Screens

  • Extreme weather protection
  • Prevents storm damage
  • Prevents burglaries
  • Screens cannot be cut with razor or crowbar
  • Panic bar – allows for emergency escape
  • Custom fit – can fit most shapes and sizes
  • Hurricane/impact approved

Steel Screens Shades

Aransas Pass Colonial Shutters

  • Excellent protection
  • Hurricane-approved
  • Look great – metal shutters have the appearance of wood
  • Clear views – when open, shutters are clear of window
  • Easy to operate – bi-fold or tri-fold hinges

Colonial Shutters

See our gallery of Alutech shutters and StormSafe shutters here

Aransas Pass Hurricane Rated Rolling Shutters

Hurricane shutters come in all shapes and sizes in Aransas Pass. Texas Storm Shutters offers a better version of the hurricane roll shutter, called Barracuda. Barracuda advanced shutter system will give you code compliant hurricane protection in small housings. In addition, the End Retention System eliminates the need for storm bars. Years of engineering and testing went into one of the most advanced roll shutters for hurricane protection on the market. The patented technology, provides a smooth, quiet operation, very small housing sizes combined with all the hurricane protection you need. The Barracuda meets and exceeds the toughest standards: TDI, IBC/FBC, and Dade County.

We are #1 for Hurricane Storm Shutters

Texas Storm Shutters is the #1 place for Hurricane Shutters, Rolling Shutters, Bahama Shutters, Bermuda Shutters, Colonial Shutters and Security Shutters. We also provide the best Hurricane Screens and Storm Screens and Shades. Proudly serving Rockport, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass and Corpus Christi areas in Texas Gulf Coast.

What To Look For In Rolling Storm Shutters

  • Do they protect against extreme weather?
  • Are they hurricane-approved?
  • Are they easy to use – both with remote and manual?
  • Do they protect against strong winds?
  • Can they withstand 200+ miles an hour?
  • Do they also provide energy savings?
  • Can they help protect against extreme temperature?
  • Are they able to cover large areas?
  • Can they work for windows and balconies?
  • Do they offer clear views?
  • Are they enhanced with interlocking system for folding?
  • Can they work in curved areas?
  • Are they easy to operate from inside or outside?
  • Are they aesthetically pleasing?
Aransas Pass Hurricane Shutters | Storm and Security Protection May 12, 2018