Alu Star Barracuda – Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters come in all shapes and sizes. Alutech United has developed a better version of the hurricane roll shutter, called Barracuda. Alutech’s Barracuda shutter system will give you code compliant hurricane protection in small housings. In addition, the End Retention System eliminates the need for storm bars. Years of engineering and testing went into one of the most advanced roll shutters for hurricane protection on the market.  The patented technology, provides a smooth, quiet operation, very small housing sizes combined with all the hurricane protection you need.  The Barracuda meets and exceeds the toughest standards: TDI, IBC/FBC, and Dade County.

White Barracuda Hurricane Shutter

The Barracuda Shutter exceeds even the toughest standards required by both international and domestic building codes.

Unique Features Of The Barracuda Rolling Shutter

  • End Retention System – eliminates storm bars
  • Efficient roll diameter – minimizes housing size
  • Patented roll shutter system
  • 42mm extruded aluminum slat
  • Stainless steel end retention bolts
  • New slat appearance
  • Building Code Approved – complies with FBC / IRC / Dade / TDI
  • Approved for block and concrete construction
  • Approved for wooden structures

Gallery of Barracuda Security Hurricane Shutters

Back Porch Barracuda Hurricane Roll Shutter

This Barracuda Roll Shutter is ideal for hurricane and storm protection for your porch, garage, storefront, warehouse or large office door.

Back Porch Barracuda Shutter

Large Three Floor Residence Hurricane Shutters

Every window and door of this large three floor residence is protected with Barracuda Hurricane Shutter.

Large Three Floor Residence Barracuda Shutters

Multi-Floor Home Barracuda Hurricane Shutters

Check out how the first two floors of this home have been secured with Barracuda Hurricane Shutters. As you can see the top floor windows were damaged by storm and wind.

Multi-Floor Residence Barracuda Shutters

Pool Bar Hurricane Shutter

This pool bar is completely protected on all sides by Barracuda Hurricane Shutters.

Pool Bar Barracuda Shutter

Single-Floor Beach Home Hurricane Shutter

Even for single-floor homes, Barracuda Hurricane Shutters provide complete protection.

Single Floor Home Barracuda Shutters

Beach Home Barracuda Hurricane Shutter

This beautiful beach house is completely secured and protected by Barracuda Hurricane Shutters.

Beach Home Barracuda Hurricane Shutter